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Department of Shareera Rachana (Anatomy) :

The human body is made up of two parts - Manas Sharir and Sthula Sharir. These two are site of diseases, so it is very essential to know about human body itself. Knowledge of human body is the very first step in the world of medical science.

Sharir Rachana not only deals with structural study but also deals with how a better one can be reproduce. The department teaches constitution of body according to the panchabhuta system, embryological and genetic considerations, anthropometry, various body tissues, organs and vital points as described in ayurveda.

Upon completion of this subject, students are expected to be able to describe the details of fertilization; sex determination and differentiation; organogenesis and the human body in terms of dosha, dhatu & mala and apply these concepts in clinical diagnosis and practice.

Teaching Staff Details :

Father's Name : BHUPATHI RAO
Date of Birth : 1/3/1966
Designation : Reader
Educational Qualification :

MD(Ayu) Shalyatantra 2004 NTRUOH A.P

Work History : 1. Assistant Professor
01/06/2006 TO 31/05/2011 SSRAMCH, INCHAL

2. Reader
01/06/2011 TO 30/06/2011 SSRAMCH, INCHAL

3. Reader
25-01-2016 to till date BAMC & H Shimoga
Type of appointment : Permanent
Residential address : Sri Rama House, 1st Cross, Ratnakar Layout, Channamubapura, Savalanga Road, Shivamogga
Permanent address : Bhupathi Colony, Bhadrachalam, Khamam Dist, Telangana
Registration Number : BIMH 1044A
Contact Number : 9866810109
E-mail :

Date of Birth : 28/05/1987
Designation : Assistant Professor.
Educational Qualification : BAMS, RUGHS, 2009
M.S. (Ayu) Shareera Rachana, RGUHS, 2014
Work History : 1. Assistant Professor
01-02-2016 to Till Date
Type of appointment : Regular
Residential address : Shishira House, Iind Cross, Ashwathnagar, Navule, Shivamogga
Permanent address : 2-138A, Hengavalli, Kundapura, Udupi-576212
Registration Number : KAUPB-27786
Contact Number : 9964702391
E-mail :

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